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Pebbles against a blurred background waiting for a treat

Pebbles Pure Bites

... Because Good Dogs Deserve Good Treats!

Our mission at Pebbles Pure Bites is to enrich the lives of dogs and their families by offering wholesome treats made from natural, high-quality ingredients. We believe every dog deserves a tasty treat that's also beneficial for their well-being.


Committed to fostering a healthier, happier world for our furry friends, we uphold environmental responsibility in our operations, utilizing recyclable packaging and composting in our kitchen to minimize our ecological footprint.


By choosing Pebbles Pure Bites, you're not only contributing to your dog's health and happiness but also making a responsible choice for our planet—one treat at a time.

An Introduction to Our 

A bit about me...

The beginning of Pebbles Pure Bites traces back to cherished moments in my grandma's kitchen. The real eye-opener came about seven years ago with my first rescue dog, who battled major skin issues. While part of it was breed-related, a deeper dive into his food ingredients revealed unsettling truths. Further research revealed a disturbing pattern of product recalls and health issues in dogs tied to these additives. It felt like what was being offered equated to poison. Motivated by these findings, I began crafting treats in my kitchen and soon realized I had a knack for it, leading the endeavor to flourish rapidly.

While undertaking this endeavor, my son has been a monumental inspiration. Pebbles Pure Bites is my endeavor to not only foster a healthier environment for our cherished dogs, but also to bring about a positive transformation in his future world.. It's a testament to him, showcasing that with passion and small, diligent steps, it's entirely possible to carve out meaningful changes for a better tomorrow.

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