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Pina Colada Cake for dogs by Pebbles Pure Bites, featuring pineapple, strawberries and dog safe icing oat flour base

Pina Colada Cake

Bring a tropical treat to your dog's day with our Pina Colada Cake, inspired by the refreshing flavors of the classic song "Do You Like Pina Coladas?" This delightful dog-friendly cakes are crafted with real pineapple and coconut, ensuring each bite is moist and fluffy. Topped with a creamy coconut-infused frosting, these cupcakes not only tantalize the taste buds but also support your pup's health with immune-boosting and digestion-aiding ingredients.

🐾Key Features:

  • Tropical Taste: Real pineapple and coconut merge to create a delicious, summery flavor.

  • Health-Enhancing Ingredients: Boosts immunity and aids in digestion, promoting your dogs overall well-being.

  • Moist and Fluffy Texture: Each cupcake is soft and palatable, making them irresistible to your furry friend.


Indulge your pet with Pina Colada Pupcakes and watch their tail wag with happiness! Please remember, while these treats are nutritious, they should not replace regular meals. Note: Custom orders may require up to 48 hours to prepare, ensuring freshness and quality.

  • Ingredients

    Brown Rice Flour, baking powder, olive oil, yogurt, egg, pineapple, coconut cream

  • Storage Instructions (Original Packaging)

    Cupboard (Airtight Container): Suitable for short-term storage (a few weeks). Refrigerator: Up to 2 months. Freezer: Up to 8 months.
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