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Peanut butter sweet potato dog treats in bone shapes on a wooden table.

Peanut Butter & Sweet Potato

Experience something truly extraordinary with our special homemade Peanut Butter and Sweet Potato Biscuits. Crafted from locally sourced sweet potatoes, all-natural peanut butter, and our homemade oat flour, these treats offer a pure, additive-free delight. Rich in fiber and packed with the wholesome goodness of its ingredients, this treat is not only delicious but also perfectly safe for your furry friend.

🐾Key Features:

  •  Homemade Oat Flour: Carefully processed to provide essential fiber while being gentle on your dog's stomach.
  • Locally Sourced Sweet Potatoes: Packed with vitamins and minerals, these sweet potatoes not only add a natural sweetness that dogs love but also contribute to overall health.
  • All-Natural Peanut Butter: Provides a robust flavor and is a great source of protein and healthy fats, making these biscuits not just tasty but also nutritious.

Indulge your dog with these exceptional Peanut Butter and Sweet Potato Biscuits, crafted with care and precision to ensure the highest quality. Each bite is a testament to our dedication to your pet's well-being, making these treats more than just a snack they're a way to show your love and appreciation for your loyal companion.

  • Ingredients

    Oat Flour (Made In House), Peanut Butter, Puree Sweet Potatoe 

  • Storage Instructions (Original Packaging)

    Cupboard (Airtight Container): Suitable for short-term storage (a few weeks). Refrigerator: Up to 2 months. Freezer: Up to 8 months.
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