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Peanut Butter Macrons for Dogs

Peanut Butter Macroons

Treat your canine companion to our delectable Peanut Butter Macaroons, a gourmet delight crafted to make your dog's taste buds dance. These treats marry the richness of creamy peanut butter with the natural sweetness of honey, nestled between two crunchy macaroon cookies. They're not only a joy for your pup to eat, but their enticing aroma is sure to get them excited for treat time.


🐾 Key Features:

  • Creamy Peanut Butter: A dog-favorite that's rich in protein and healthy fats.
  • Golden Honey: A touch of natural sweetness for a flavor dogs adore.
  • Crunchy Macaroon Cookies: Made with whole wheat flour for a satisfying crunch.
  • Eggs & Milk: Provide essential proteins and nutrients for a well-rounded treat.


Our Peanut Butter Macaroons are crafted with care from high-quality, natural ingredients. They're designed for those special moments when you want to reward your pup with something extra delightful. Perfect for all dogs, these macaroons are sure to start a tail-wagging, wiggle-bottom celebration!

  • Ingredients

    Whole wheat flour, baking powder, peanut butter, egg, milk, honey

  • Storage Instructions (Original Packaging)

    Cool Dark Area: 10 to 14 Days

    Fridge: 3 to 4 Weeks

    Freezer: Up to 6 months

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