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Handmade Blueberry Dreamland Pup Cake by Pebbles Pure Bites with fresh blueberries and creamy frosting on a rustic wooden bac

Blueberry Dreamland

Indulge your pup's senses with the "Blueberry Dreamland Cake," an artisan creation from Pebbles Pure Bites that's as nutritious as it is delicious. With a vibrant burst of natural blueberry goodness and a secret filling that whispers tales of untold flavors, this cake is a culinary treasure trove for your furry best friend.


🐾 Key Features:

  • Blueberry Bliss: Fresh, plump blueberries are the heart of this cake, offering a natural sweetness and a wealth of health-boosting antioxidants.
  • Ethereal Texture: We've whipped up a light-as-air cake using oat flour and egg whites, complete with a divine blueberry cream cheese frosting that's pure puppy love.
  • Transparent Goodness: Every ingredient, including our safe, pet-friendly food coloring, is selected for its quality and contribution to your dog's health, aligning with our open-book policy on nutrition.
  • Secret Filling: The center of our cake holds a secret only your dog can unlock, a blend of flavors so enchanting, it's like a dream wrapped in a riddle, nestled within a delicious enigma.


Pebbles Pure Bites' Blueberry Dreamland Cake is a celebration of flavor and well-being, proving that the finest treats come with transparency and a sprinkle of mystery. While we’re candid about our use of safe food coloring to achieve that dreamy hue, we're just as serious about keeping our special filling a secret between us and your dog's taste buds. Allow up to 48 hours for us to craft this bespoke beauty, ensuring it's as perfect as your precious pooch.

  • Ingredients

    Fresh blueberries, peanut butter, apples, baking powder, baking soda, salt, ground cinnamon, egg whites, oat flour, cream cheese

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