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Apple Oatmeal Pretzels for Dogs

Apple Oatmeal Pretzels

Treat your dog to the crunchy texture and natural goodness of our Apple Oatmeal Pretzels. These treats are a blend of sweet apple flavors with the hearty taste of oats, creating a snack that's sure to please any pup. Made with simple, natural ingredients, these pretzels are perfect for dogs who love a good crunch.

🐾 Key Features:

Apples: Adds a natural sweetness to each pretzel.

Oats: Complements the texture, making each bite satisfying.

Eggs: Helps to bind the ingredients, contributing to the pretzel's delightful crunch.

Our Apple Oatmeal Pretzels are a great choice for pet owners looking to offer their furry friends a tasty treat. They're suitable for dogs of all sizes, making them a versatile snack for any time of the day.

  • Ingredients

    Eggs, apples, oats

  • Storage Instructions (Original Packaging)

    Cool Dark Area: 10 to 14 Days

    Fridge: 3 to 4 Weeks

    Freezer: Up to 6 months

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