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Gingerbread Therapy

Self Care Sunday: Holiday Edition

Ginger House Crunch Dog Treats

Welcome to the latest edition of Self Care Sundays, where my pack gathers for our annual gingerbread house tradition. Whether holiday baking is a source of stress or relaxation for you, it can be a great way to bond with your dog and enjoy the festive season. For me, it's definitely in the relaxation category. But this year, I decided to take things up a notch. Rather than going for the usual store-bought gingerbread kits, I delved into the realm of authentic German gingerbread. Yes, from scratch.

Can you imagine the mayhem in my kitchen, floury pawprints on the walls, and the sweet scent of ginger and cinnamon filling the air? Oh, my goodness, did my house ever smell so good? It still does two days later.

However, since what I baked wasn't dog-friendly, my faithful pup, Pebbles, had to sit out the gingerbread house building. Cloves, brown sugar and butter are all harmful for dogs, so I made sure to keep them away from her. But don't worry, she wasn't left out of the fun. She had plenty of gingerbread snacks to munch on. Our specially crafted Ginger House Crunch cookies kept her happy while we worked away.

Now, in the spirit of sharing the joy with both you and your furry companions, we have a special treat for you. At the end of this article, you'll find gingerbread recipes for both humans and dogs. You can indulge in a delicious gingerbread cookie with your hot cocoa or make some healthy gingerbread bites for your pup. Don't miss these amazing recipes that will bring some holiday cheer to your kitchen.

But before we share the baking tips, let's learn how holiday baking can be a great way to reduce stress for you and your pets. Have you ever tried baking gingerbread with your dog? What are your favorite holiday baking traditions? Share your thoughts in the comments below. And if you're ready to join me and Pebbles in this festive baking adventure, read on to discover our gingerbread recipes.

Baking Your Way to Peace for Self Care Sunday

The holiday season can be a whirlwind of activity, but amid the chaos, there's a delightful tradition that can offer a respite for both you and your furry companions: holiday baking. The act of creating delicious treats in the warmth of your kitchen can be a soothing balm for the soul. In this segment, we explore how holiday baking can be a wonderful way to reduce stress for you and your pets.


Fact 1: Therapeutic Aromas 

The delightful scents of baking, such as cinnamon, vanilla, and ginger, can have a calming effect on both humans and pets, promoting relaxation. According to a study by the University College of Dublin in Ireland, the smell of baking bread prompts "odor-cued memories" and reminds us of happy times1. Other studies have shown that aromas such as these can have a soothing effect on our mood and that of our pets2­ 3­.

Fact 2: Bonding Time 

Baking together fosters a stronger bond between you and your pets, as they eagerly observe and share in the process. This quality time can create a meaningful bonding experience. Additionally, you can ensure your pup has healthy and tasty snacks to enjoy. You can also share the joy by donating some treats to a local animal shelter or giving them as gifts to other pet owners2­.

Fact 3: Mindful Focus 

The precision and attention to detail required in baking can help divert your mind from stressors and provide a meditative experience. Baking can form part of a mindful practice called 'grounding,' where you use an activity to help you connect with the current moment. Studies have shown that baking has many therapeutic qualities and can help to relieve stress4.

Fact 4: Creative Outlet 

Baking allows you to express your creativity through decorating cookies and treats, offering an enjoyable outlet for self-expression. You can stimulate your creativity and provide yourself with a sense of accomplishment, which can boost your self-esteem and mood. Express yourself by decorating your baked goods with festive designs or personal messages1.

Fact 5: Tactile Stimulation 

Kneading dough, shaping cookies, and decorating engage your sense of touch, providing sensory satisfaction that can reduce stress. Baking can enhance your sensory awareness by engaging all your senses. The tactile experience of baking can be soothing and grounding1.

Fact 6: Sense of Accomplishment 

Successfully completing a baking project can boost your confidence and provide a sense of achievement, alleviating stress. Baking can also help you cope with negative emotions, such as sadness, anger, or frustration, by providing you with a constructive outlet for expression1.

Fact 7: Positive Distraction 

Baking can serve as a positive distraction from holiday-related stress, helping you focus on a fun and rewarding activity. Baking can also help you cope with negative emotions by providing you with a constructive outlet for expression1.

Fact 8: Social Connection 

Baking can foster social connections, which are key to a longer and happier life. You can bake with your family, friends, or neighbors, or join a baking club or online community. You can also share your baked goods with others, which can increase your sense of generosity and gratitude1.

Fact 9: Anticipation and Joy 

The excitement of baking and the anticipation of enjoying delicious treats can elevate mood and reduce stress levels. Baking can also trigger positive memories and associations, such as childhood experiences, family traditions, or cultural heritage1.

Fact 10: Healthy Treats for Pets 

Baking dog-friendly treats ensures that your pets can partake in the joy, providing them with tasty and wholesome snacks during the festivities. You can also make toys or puzzles out of your baked goods for your pet to enjoy2­.

As the holiday season unfolds, remember that amidst the hustle and bustle, the simple act of holiday baking can be a source of joy and relaxation. Whether you're creating intricate gingerbread houses or crafting dog-friendly treats, these moments of togetherness can become cherished memories for your entire family.

Gingerbread Treats: For You and Your Furry Friend

Share the holiday spirit with our gingerbread treat recipes that suit both humans and their loyal pets. Craft gingerbread houses or bake delicious cookies while creating cherished memories.

For detailed instructions and ingredients, explore our recipe cards below. Whether for family gatherings or pet-friendly moments, these treats bring warmth and joy to your holiday festivities.

Recipe for Heirloom Gingerbread Creations


Recipe for Ginger House Crunch Dog Treats



 Embracing these gingerbread treats for both you and your furry companion adds an extra layer of warmth and joy to your self-care Sundays. These versatile recipes are a reminder that self-care can be as simple as sharing moments of joy and indulgence with those you love, both human and furry. The shared moments of creativity, the soothing aromas of the season, and the comforting embrace of tradition become the ingredients of your well-deserved relaxation. As you indulge in these holiday delights, remember that self-care extends to every member of your pack. May your self-care Sundays be filled with love, laughter, and the sweetest of memories, reminding you that the holidays are a time for togetherness, relaxation, and the purest of joys.

🐾 With heartfelt love, Melissa & Pebbles 🐾


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