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Make it Matter Mondays

Join Us in Supporting Deserving Dog Rescue Groups

Welcome to "Make it Matter Mondays," a heartwarming initiative by Pebbles Pure Bites that aims to lend a paw to deserving dog rescue organizations. Starting this October, a portion of every sale made on Mondays will go directly to rescue groups that not only protect our furry friends but also enrich our communities. This cause has a special place in my heart. Both Pebbles and my previous dog were rescues, and I've seen firsthand the incredible work these organizations do.

How it Works

Every Monday, we will donate a part of our proceeds from the sale of each bag of Pebbles Pure Bites treats to a selected dog rescue group. The organizations chosen will be based on community recommendations. We believe in the power of collective goodwill and are eager to support the groups you hold dear.

Get Involved

We invite you to be an active participant in this campaign by recommending dog rescue organizations that have made a meaningful impact on you or your community. Rest assured, we will be reaching out to each recommended organization to ensure they are comfortable and excited about being a part of our "Make it Matter Mondays."


To submit your recommendations, please Contact Us or drop your suggestions on our social media platforms.

Updates and Highlights

Stay tuned for regular updates featuring the incredible rescue organizations we've been able to support through "Make it Matter Mondays." We'll share photos, testimonials, and impact reports to keep you informed about how your purchases are making a difference.


Q: How much of the proceeds go to the rescue groups?

A: 5% of every purchase will be donated directly to a rescue group.

Q: Can I recommend more than one organization?

A: Absolutely! We welcome multiple suggestions.

Q: How are the organizations vetted?

A: We will be in direct contact with each organization to ensure they align with our mission and are comfortable with the partnership.

Contact Information

For further inquiries or direct submissions of rescue group suggestions, please Contact Us

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