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Our Story Continues...

The Beginning

Once a passionate healthcare worker, a life-altering event led me on a different path. After embracing the joy of my son's birth, facing a significant accident, and enduring its subsequent recovery, both him and Pebbles have become my guiding lights. While Pebbles inspired the creation of the company, together they represent the love and positivity in my journey.

A Glimpse Into My World:

Family is my grounding force. Living on this beautiful island surrounded by them, and seeing my son grow up amidst such love and connection, is genuinely rewarding. While every dog holds a place in my heart, the big ones snag a special spot. Why? There's just more of them to love!


Our Commitment to You:

My aspiration is simple - to offer treats that are wholesome, affordable, and irresistibly tasty. Regardless of your furry companion's size, age, or dietary requirements, Pebbles Pure Bites is here with the perfect treat. And for that extra sweet deal? Swing by our specials page to discover some delightful savings! With Pebbles Pure Bites, rest assured knowing exactly what's nourishing your pup. Explore our offerings now!

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Pebbles sleeping with a squeeky toy in her mouth
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